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General Questions

How will my data be stored?

In May 2018 the Data protection act was replaced by the General Data Protection regulations (GDPR). Gillian (Gill) Hogan is GDPR registered. Any Data you give to Gill must be processed in a way that you agree with. GDPR exists to protect your rights as a client. It applies to your identifiable data ie your name, address and any reason you might have for contacting Gill. It covers any assessments, session records, text messages or emails between Gill and yourself.

How long will you keep my information for?

As Gill is a member of National Council for Hypnotherapy and British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy she is bound by their regulations regarding how long she must hold on to your information. Gill will hold your information for 8 years after your final session. However the rule for children is different. The data must be kept until their 25th birthday. The exception to this rule applies to young adults whose treatment ends when they are 17yrs old when Gill must keep their records until they reach their 26th birthday. Client records will be destroyed safely.

Am I able to get a copy of the information held by Gill?

In line with GDPR, if you send Gill a request in writing she will supply you with a copy of your data within 30 days of the request being received. Gill will need to confirm your identify before releasing any information. If you have had couple or family sessions then Gill would need to gain permission from all parties. There is no charge. Gill's insurance company's legal team may need to verify any information she sends out.

What are the reasons for collecting information?

Gill wants to give you the best possible support and to do so she will collect the following information

* An idea of what you want to achieve from therapy

* A small amount of medical information including medication and previous therapy

* Some brief session notes

* Your contact details and your GP details

* Basic information about your support network

Gill will only use your contact details and GP details with your explicit consent.

How do I know that Gill will store my information securely?

* Paper sessions notes- Gill only keeps paper notes. These are kept in a locked cabinet within a locked room.

* Text messages- Gill's phone is secured with facial identification and a passcode

* Email messages- Gill's email account requires a user name and password

Are our conversations within the therapy room confidential?

Everything you discuss with Gill during your sessions remains strictly confidential. She will on occasion discuss your case with her supervisor (which is a legal requirement). This is to ensure she is helping you in the best way possible. However no identifying features about you will be disclosed in this session. 

Will Gill discuss information about me to other healthcare professionals?

Gill is only able to contact other professionals with your written consent. If she contacts your GP to let them know you have started working with her or that work has ended , she will require your signature in line with GDPR requirements. Gill does have a duty of care towards her clients, so the only exceptions to this would be if she believed that you were about to harm yourself or others. Should this occur Gill may have to talk to the relevant authorities.

Data Controller

Gillian Hogan


Collected Personal Data 

Member of ICO




Purpose of collecting data

To provide counselling and hypnotherapy services